A Reader Wonders Why He Likes To Be Naked At Home After Growing Up in a Clothed Society

Q. Hello, my question is actually stupid. As an adult, http://nudismphotos.net/?p=173 discovered that I favor going without clothing when I am alone, or just beingnaked at house. http://nudismsite.com/tube/asked-them-if-we-could-all-take-a-picture-together/ don't participate in social nudity when other people may be around. It appears to me rather an unusual preference for a person who grew up and lives in a totally clothed society.
It only appears quite a curious thing to enjoy. Perhaps it'd be like a person who grew up in a Washington apple orchard finding he enjoys pears more. Have you got any hint why this type of taste might originate?
I have no better reply than just, "it feels good, and it lets me relax more."
Being Naked At Home
A. It is very common that people prefer being nude at home, alone or with others. I might figure millions of folks hang out naked at home. I do hear from a lot of men that they started doing so when they were girls or old, even though their families were not nudists or weren't going naked at home themselves.
Therefore I would say it's actually ordinary, and "it's more comfortable" is surely a good enough reason to do it. You've already seen a gain in that can help you feel more relaxed.
As nudists say, you were born naked! That's the natural state, and clothing can be viewed as the unnatural state.
But the seclusion of the house is one of many places where individuals can be free and comfy!
What does one think, readers? Are you really a home naturist, and did you ever wonder exactly the same thing at some point?
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